Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Magical Performer Arrives @ GNO

I met the most gorgeous girl in Cairns, Celine DeeAz. You can check her out on My Space or http://www.celinedeeaz.com/. She sings like Celine Dion, plays the viola and is just magical to watch. I am flying her down to perform at our next GIRLS NIGH OUT, Wednesday October 13th - 7.30pm @ 240 Stafford Rd, Stafford. We will be catering a Candlelight High Tea...promised to be divine. It's only $12 per ticket, so get on board ladies for a night out that you will be glad you made the effort to get out to! I only have 20 tickets left, and a few places at my table if anyone is interested.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

David Downton - Wishlist

I just love David Downton's work. It is featured in Queens Park at the moment and I took a trip in to view it. It is refreshing and would look gorgeous in a bedroom, specifically my bedroom!!!! I couldn't download Valli 2008...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The yellow is amazing. You can enjoy it @ David Downton Fashion Art.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Today's Progress

Here is an updated picture of my painting after today's eight hour session! I definitely have looked at it too long. At this point I'm going to let it dry and revisit it in a week or so. I am wondering if there is any ingenious way to waterproof it so it can hang on the veranda. It would be totally exposed to the elements so it's a totally impractical idea but if anyone has any suggestions let me know! A good coat of lacquer might do the job!???


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have been painting

I have been painting. It's the first time in a long time, so please show me some kindness ladies! I"m looking for some support! Another excuse before I unveil....it looks better in real life!
I have set up in my living area, with a tone of old sheets on the floor to appease my husband who doesn't believe the paint will stay on the canvas and not the walls. I have really enjoyed experimenting with something a little more abstract and bold. I have tried to take the colours I loved from the vintage florals I brought this week and magnify them. It's a large canvas, approx 150 x 80cm.
My progress to date....

I thought I'd blog my painting progress this week to give me some extra motivation to get it finished. I have a lot of the details to add tomorrow so hopefully I will have something more developed to show you then!
Will keep you posted on the outcome...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anyone for Cooking with Small Acorns?

Small Acorns has the most wonderful giveaway available at the moment. It is an organic cookbook by Annabell Langbein. It is well worth checking out and putting your hand up for!


Todays Inspiration

I was scrolling through Scandinavian Chic's blog this morning and found a great post on art clusters . I stole some of her pics and added a few of my own.

The one below is my absolute favourite. I have a thing for florals at the moment but my house already has so many flower fabrics I'm going to have to mix it up. Im not sure who to credit this photo to sorry.

This neutral set is beautiful too...love the pale blue.

Very Scandinavian Retro...

I love the mirror. I could borrow that idea for my lounge room!