Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have been painting

I have been painting. It's the first time in a long time, so please show me some kindness ladies! I"m looking for some support! Another excuse before I unveil....it looks better in real life!
I have set up in my living area, with a tone of old sheets on the floor to appease my husband who doesn't believe the paint will stay on the canvas and not the walls. I have really enjoyed experimenting with something a little more abstract and bold. I have tried to take the colours I loved from the vintage florals I brought this week and magnify them. It's a large canvas, approx 150 x 80cm.
My progress to date....

I thought I'd blog my painting progress this week to give me some extra motivation to get it finished. I have a lot of the details to add tomorrow so hopefully I will have something more developed to show you then!
Will keep you posted on the outcome...


  1. You are doing great! I'm not sure if I think you need a lot of deatil in this as I love the bold colour - maybe just some more colour shades? But then, I'm not painter and have no idea what you are aiming for :) I just think it's looking great!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sarah! I have just put in all the stems on the flowers (that's the only details I was talking about) and yes...a new more shades in some of those background areas. The photo doesn't bring up the contrasts of colours very well. I'm going to have a late one finishing this. Will post tomorrow Michelle


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