Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Items for Sale

Here is a photo of my updated shop with some new goodies just in today.

Some of the items for sale include:

Antique Gold Mirror (this one is a beauty...I'd keep it if I could find room for it!): $499
Mint Cabinet (Huon Pine): $1500
Tablecloth (made to fit a Bunning's plastic trestle table) : $175
Vintage Day Bed: $620 including mattress
Cream Vintage Console: $599
Assorted Vintage Chairs: $55 each


English Sleigh Beds

I am going to list a few things I have for sale this week, starting with two delightful English sleigh beds. They were originally purchased from Michael's Antiques by designer Bronnie Masefau. She tells me they used to be sold for $1600 at Michael's. They are a single size bed and have been used by Bronnie's children before being passed down to me. You can see them featured in her book below. Although I have an overload of stock, I couldn't resist them! They are super cute and hard to come by these days. I have seen them painted in the past and they do look delightful.

I will be selling these privately for $499 each.
For viewing please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Michelle - 0413 261 426

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shop Update Underway!

It all started with this colour! And then I had to change the shop's wall colour. And then I had to get some new fabrics to cushion with! And it was nothing short of fabulous fun!

Here is our lovely Huon Pine cabinet getting painted. It went into the shop today. I'd say we are half way there with updating the shop and we are yet to bring in all our new stock and cushions. In fact, i am not sure I want to part with a few of them!

I've gone with a classic look for our new day bed. The frill on this cushion is gorgeous and really sits like a picture frame. We have lots of lovely navy and pink coming in towards Christmas.

My husband painted the shop walls a fresh stone grey colour today. I haven't seen the walls yet and I am really really nervous! Doc has said the colour has come out a little more green than the sample, so I am yet to see if I am majorly disappointed or I can live with it. I will have to go into the shop tomorrow and check it out.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Loving Mint

This post from Little French Nest excites me! I am obsessed with mint at the moment...and the mauve in this photo isn't bad either! It is popping up in my choice in clothes, nail polish and upholstery! I am painting a gorgeous cabinet in a fresh mint today and I can hardly wait. I will post some photos of the finished product when its done.


Friday, October 15, 2010

What I have been up to!

I feel like I have been away from blog land for such a long time. I have been so busy with such a vast range of things. Anyway, I have put together a few photos which show some of what I have been up to...

Our last Girls Night Out was last Wednesday night. It was a Candlelight High Tea with the most impressive entertainment. Here is us setting up and obsessing over the details. Don't miss the next one...only $12 for all this! The food was divine and was single handily made by one of my friends who loves cooking.

Here is a painting I picked up today for $6. I hope I can find the perfect place for it and I love yellow, mint and blue at the moment. Stay tuned for a massive shop update soon! By soon I mean next week...fingers crossed everything comes together and the weather permits.

My parents arrived back from a trip to England and Scotland. They brought me back this Victorian cup and saucer which is gorgeous. My father's family live there and it is always lovely to receive something that reminds me of them.

And you know what my husband is up to....trestles, benches, custom made planter boxes, kitchen tables...the list (and the work) goes on and on. It is such a pleasure to see someone find a piece of furniture from our shop which is perfect for their house. To see a ladies face light up makes it all worth while.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Fashion Shoot

A few months ago Divine Finds trestle tables and furniture were used for a photo shoot showcasing a new swimsuit range designed by award winning designer Amy Davidson. Amy is now in Paris but her lovely summer range is soon to be featured in a few fashion mags. I can't wait to see the results. In the meantime I have one very small preliminary photo for everyone. It was taken on the day of the fashion shoot and I love the Australian landscape and its colours.