Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shop Update Underway!

It all started with this colour! And then I had to change the shop's wall colour. And then I had to get some new fabrics to cushion with! And it was nothing short of fabulous fun!

Here is our lovely Huon Pine cabinet getting painted. It went into the shop today. I'd say we are half way there with updating the shop and we are yet to bring in all our new stock and cushions. In fact, i am not sure I want to part with a few of them!

I've gone with a classic look for our new day bed. The frill on this cushion is gorgeous and really sits like a picture frame. We have lots of lovely navy and pink coming in towards Christmas.

My husband painted the shop walls a fresh stone grey colour today. I haven't seen the walls yet and I am really really nervous! Doc has said the colour has come out a little more green than the sample, so I am yet to see if I am majorly disappointed or I can live with it. I will have to go into the shop tomorrow and check it out.



  1. Michelle - where is your shop going to be??

  2. I have a shop space at the Woollongabba Antique Centre. I'm going in tomorrow to see what damage my husband did today! Michelle

  3. Looking great looking forward to working on my shop space xo


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