Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is My Lucky Week!

Yes it is another Blog Award and I do feel spoilt. As a new blogger I am honoured by the attention! And on an artistic note, I quite like the image on this one...really cute.

I have to thank Patricia from Spring Blossom for the fabulous blogger award. You can check out her post here - http://springblossomjourney.blogspot.com/2010/07/fabulous-blog.html
She has a GREAT Etsy Shop full of gorgeous paper products and craft. She is a creative and adventurous young lady who I really enjoy checking in with.


Blog Award

I really need to thank McCarthy Designs for the blog award she recently gave me. I feel quite undeserving of the award but appreciate it none the less. She has a great blog and here is the wonderful giveaway she currently has on offer. And you MUST check out her Etsy Store...such an industrious and creative woman! I think it is gorgeous. I won't bore you with 10 thing about me! I am really not all that interesting!


Ebay Bargain

I have just put this lovely set of lounges on Ebay so if you want to grab a bargain check them out. The lounges are covered in a very high quality fabric imported from Spain. They had their home is a beautiful house for many years, until the owner moved. Starting bid is ONLY $300...!!!


Absolutely Beautiful Things

Although a little late, I wanted to post a few pictures of Anna's 'new era'. I felt very special being invited to the launch of her new collection and renovations. It was such a lovely night and her design team surely did a wonderful job in putting the whole concept together. Here are some photos of things that particularly caught my eye.

Believe it or not the cushion caught my eye before the chair! I have no idea who designed the fabric on the larger back cushion but I instantly fell in love with it. It is so pretty. The colours are gorgeous. It was a little out of my price range BUT it is definitely on my wish list! LOVE IT!!!
The collection of garden flowers in the glass vases reminded me of 'home'. They were so simple and understated. I actually like putting something similar out on my deck when we have guests. I use herbs from my garden and the smell is divine!

These lamp shades, hung over the blue check lounge, are gorgeous. I thought they really worked in well with the artwork displayed on the night. The trim on the shades was really cute. They particularly caught my eye because I am currently using a similar trim for a new range of cushions for the shop. Not sure they will turn out quite so spectacular but one can hope!

Limes and sea shells. Candles and silver. You just can't go wrong!

I must say that Anna (and the team) do a sensational art cluster. They just seem to nail it every time and this one is no exception. The wall art was fresh and inspiring and well....quite inspiring!
Congrats girls!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Back!

I have to apologise for not blogging last week. I unexpectedly had to go away to the Gold Coast for the week! I know...hard to take! What started out as a working trip ended up as a beautiful little holiday. We stayed at the Q1 on the 67 floor thanks to a friend on my family who owns the unit. The views were amazing!!! We actually watched the helicopters pass under us!

Since I have been away there is so much news...

My best friend has met a great man and they are 'talking marriage'. She moved to America for work a few years ago and although I will miss her I am really excited for her. I can't wait to get the official news! I feel as excited as the mother of the bride and really need to settle down. I am looking at chair covers in anticipation of the big event (I love chair covers at weddings!)...

We had another Girls Night Out Event which was fabulous! The theme was fashion and make up....and a little cake thrown in for good measure! Thanks to Kelli from Boucher Boutiques and Gorgeous Cosmetics for making the night such a success!

And Divine Find's trestle tables will be featured in the Mad Hatter's photo shoot....more to come on that when I get the details!
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Look forward to catching up with everyone again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Place

It has been photos just like these which has inspired the design of my home. I have enjoyed the excitement of reupholstering furniture. I have enjoyed working with other designers to talk through ideas. I have REALLY enjoyed hunting for pieces of furniture I feel I can live with for a life time.

This barley twist lamp is one of my favourite pieces. I purchased it at a garage sale. I then purchased the green and pink silk fabric through Black and Spiro and entrusted their team to complete the delicate job....really glad I didn't attempt this one!

Below is my new find. I have only just painted it. I really love the shape of this vintage cane piece, which we have refreshed in white. We have found one for the shop too which we delivered there yesterday. As you can see it is sitting 'in the middle of no-where'. That 'little piece of no-where' is my back deck! My husband built it for me a year ago. We both had grand plans for this space. It is just begging for completion! At the moment it is either bare of cluttered with pieces for the shop.

I am going to post some photos of my back deck next. It is an uncompleted job but I will take you on the tour of what has happened so far!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Place AGAIN!

I promised some more pictures of my place. Being the less-than-brilliant photographer that I am, I can't say this photo does the formal living room any justice....however, you get the idea. I rushed this photo this morning and the lighting is terrible! I had to pull the curtains to restrict the sunlight. Behind those curtains is a lovely turquoise wall and plants.

As you can see I love to combine vintage with modern fabrics. We call this our talking room at home....it is where my husband and I have those serious chats!
My favourite furniture piece in this room is my yellow grain / french style marble coffee table. It looks a little smaller in the photo than it is. Trust me its perfect! It was an ebay find...I think I paid about $120 for it! For me it really brings the room together.

Gotta love that lounge...here it is again! You can also see my 1920s display cabinet in the background (another ebay find which I brought up from Melbourne). It has the original beige fabric which I really love and it is full of my treasured tea cups.
Nina Campbell cushions....planning to do something with the spare fabric when I get a bigger house.
My two 1800s wingbacks are upholstererd in a turquoise velvet. I quite liked the subtle chinese influence in these cushions.

Hope you enjoyed spending some time in my place.


More from My Place

It's breakfast at my house and I thought I'd put together a quick post before the day begins. I have another Girls Night Out event tonight which I will post some photos of soon. We are all in a jovial mood and my husband keeps teasing me by getting in the way of this photo!!! Sorry ladies!!! He is determined to be a part of this blog.

Photos from my place...

And another...

And the view of my dining / kitchen area from the mirror which adorns it. And you will notice my teacups (The true love of my life...I'm getting him back now!!! Ha ha)

I have been hesitant to post photos of my place because it is not 100% finished. I find the beauitful images of homes on blogs a little intimidating!!! But with such a loving audience I have decided to go ahead and give you the guided tour of my home 'to date'. For my ego's sake I will point out the bits "to come".


More Holiday Braggings

This is my place....

Ok this is not quite as impressive as that fish, but my wonderful husband managed to steal me a nice piece of furniture from the family farm house while he was away. I LOVE the colour and am looking out for a piece for my tv room I can try and paint a similar colour. The off white cabinet on the right was a piece we inherited from his grandma's farm house some time ago.