Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Place AGAIN!

I promised some more pictures of my place. Being the less-than-brilliant photographer that I am, I can't say this photo does the formal living room any justice....however, you get the idea. I rushed this photo this morning and the lighting is terrible! I had to pull the curtains to restrict the sunlight. Behind those curtains is a lovely turquoise wall and plants.

As you can see I love to combine vintage with modern fabrics. We call this our talking room at home....it is where my husband and I have those serious chats!
My favourite furniture piece in this room is my yellow grain / french style marble coffee table. It looks a little smaller in the photo than it is. Trust me its perfect! It was an ebay find...I think I paid about $120 for it! For me it really brings the room together.

Gotta love that lounge...here it is again! You can also see my 1920s display cabinet in the background (another ebay find which I brought up from Melbourne). It has the original beige fabric which I really love and it is full of my treasured tea cups.
Nina Campbell cushions....planning to do something with the spare fabric when I get a bigger house.
My two 1800s wingbacks are upholstererd in a turquoise velvet. I quite liked the subtle chinese influence in these cushions.

Hope you enjoyed spending some time in my place.



  1. Michelle - Your home is gorgeous and although you say it's imcomplete (we all like tweaking!), it's definitely worth sharing the process. I myself have been collecting pieces for a long time but have no idea how to make it all 'just work'. Please please share your journey pulling it all together - you have a gift!


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