Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It is My Lucky Week!

Yes it is another Blog Award and I do feel spoilt. As a new blogger I am honoured by the attention! And on an artistic note, I quite like the image on this one...really cute.

I have to thank Patricia from Spring Blossom for the fabulous blogger award. You can check out her post here - http://springblossomjourney.blogspot.com/2010/07/fabulous-blog.html
She has a GREAT Etsy Shop full of gorgeous paper products and craft. She is a creative and adventurous young lady who I really enjoy checking in with.



  1. Well your blog is totally fab - you deserve it! Thanks for your inspirational posts :)

  2. Hi Michelle, Feels like ages since we last bumped into each other...well done on your award...reminds me I still havn't posted about the lovely award you gave me...things have been so crazy with work and sick kids..will make ammends soon. Hope you have a lovely weekend, cheers Katherine

  3. Congrats Michelle.....it's because you ARE fantastic xx


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