Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Place

It has been photos just like these which has inspired the design of my home. I have enjoyed the excitement of reupholstering furniture. I have enjoyed working with other designers to talk through ideas. I have REALLY enjoyed hunting for pieces of furniture I feel I can live with for a life time.

This barley twist lamp is one of my favourite pieces. I purchased it at a garage sale. I then purchased the green and pink silk fabric through Black and Spiro and entrusted their team to complete the delicate job....really glad I didn't attempt this one!

Below is my new find. I have only just painted it. I really love the shape of this vintage cane piece, which we have refreshed in white. We have found one for the shop too which we delivered there yesterday. As you can see it is sitting 'in the middle of no-where'. That 'little piece of no-where' is my back deck! My husband built it for me a year ago. We both had grand plans for this space. It is just begging for completion! At the moment it is either bare of cluttered with pieces for the shop.

I am going to post some photos of my back deck next. It is an uncompleted job but I will take you on the tour of what has happened so far!


  1. That table is so sweet!

    I always thought getting furniture reupholstered was expensive (I've never done it before)
    What's your view on it?

  2. Hi Michelle, whow you have some beautiful pieces in your home. I would say my favourite would be your wing chairs, but I do love your striped sofa too. Have a great weekend. Sandy x

  3. Hey Spring Blossom, I guess only 3 things determine the cost...the price you get the original pieces, the fabric and the upholsterer. I have always found that if you can get the original piece for a 'steal' then it works out under commerical price for an equivalent purchase...and you get exacctly what you want. The enjoyment of the process really makes it worth while too. Michelle

  4. Hi Michelle, your home is beautiful and you can really feel the love you have for it and your family, cheers katherine

  5. Just wandered over from Little French Nest and have fallen totally in love with your striped lounge!

  6. It looks like your off to a grand start I can't wait to see.

  7. Your house is gorgeous Michelle, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I have passed on an award to you today, you can pop over to my blog and pick it up if you like. xx


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