Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Shop Today

This week at the shop...It is hard not to get attached to pieces...especially this one. The gold framed outdoor stand, complete with heavy glass shelving and wine racks is stunning. You can see it in the background, behind the trestle. Our trestles are still selling like hotcakes and I am always happy to see them go to a loving home!

I met a lovely lady this week who sold me two of her lounge chairs. They were originally purchased from Hong Kong with the fabric imported from Spain. She had treasured these lounges so much she had them shipped here when her husband was transferred back to Australia 8 months ago. They are in immaculate condition - one three seater and one two (and a bit!). I really didn't want them to get dirty in storage so I put the pair straight in the shop today for only $1200.


  1. Lovely goodies! I really love the wall colour too :)

  2. The colour is quite vibrant and happy...I have it on my back deck.

  3. Oh Michelle, you'll have to tell me where your shop is? I've only just found your blog!

  4. Ah, just read Brisbane!! Next time I'm up I'm visiting you and Miss Spiro!

  5. Great to have you on board! My shop is at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre - Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba, Brisbane. We also sell to designers and clients privately. Some of our best stuff doesn't make it to the shop. Feel free to contact me anytime. Michelle

  6. Oh!!! See it is times like this that I wished I lived in the city! I LOVE your trestle tables and would LOVE to own those sofas!!! I hope they go to a really loving home!!! Gorgeous and next time I get to Brisbane, your shop is definitely on my itinerary Michelle. ~ Tina xx

  7. Hi Michelle....lovely to find your blog via several other bloggers...AS IT GOES...

    as I just said to Katherine (via blog post).....will SOON be in qld so shall be heading straight to the antique centre..

    keep up your gorgeous blog...shall add it to my sidebar AS i love to keep track of fellow aussie GORGEOUS bloggers!!

    xx andrea

  8. Everything in your shop is always gorgeous. Glad I live in Brisbane.


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