Monday, June 21, 2010

My Trip to Cairns!

I spent some time in Cairns last week with a beautiful artist and friend Jane Moncreif. She is an amazing lady who has been a part of my life for 25 years now. I absolutely loved her abstract artwork that I photographed to share with you all. I didn't measure it but this photo doesn't do its size justice. It is MASSIVE!

Up close it was even better. She had used a mixture of paints, including enamels to create a really gorgeous effect. The hints of pink and green through it were really stunning. Jane told me she painted it with a broom, which I could totally imagine her doing!

I also met some new friends during my stay. This is Jane's daughter Julia who showed me the best shopping spots in town! Nothing like a 16 year old to take you shopping!

A really special part of my stay was interacting with the aboriginal community. Here are a few ladies from the Indigenous community I spent time with. Aunty Linda (on the left) is an 84 year old tribal leader. She has really opened my eyes to the wisdom and beauty in the aboriginal culture. Thank you ladies for being a part of my life.
My husband and I are making some more trestle tables tomorrow! More from the shop on Wednesday.


  1. Lovely photos michelle. My son teachers 15yr+ aboriginal boys and has only good things to say about them and really has found it is the best job he has ever had.

  2. In my experience they are extremely respectful...a real pleasure. Michelle


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