Friday, August 27, 2010

Hunt for Art

This print is by Kim Parker. They are always good value!

I have been hunting for the right piece of artwork today. I had a great time but there was simply too much to choose from! I feel in love with a few pieces but some aren't the right size for my space. Unfortunately I couldn't take photos so you can enjoy them with me! I would have loved to have shared some of them with you. Anyway, I think I have decided on a style - abstract floral which must contain some yellow!


  1. This piece is delightful Michelle.
    I particularly love the sunny yellow against the pink and the little splashes of blue and aqua. It would be a lovely image to have in a room where soft sunlight is predominant.
    Thank you for sharing,
    x Felicity

  2. Hey Michelle, Lovely,lovely... the aqua just gives it that pop. By the way just read your post on fabric. Let me know what you are after as I am happy to have a dig in my stash or you could pop over and have a dig yourself if you like, cheers Katherine

  3. I'd love to any florals? Will post on your blog. Michelle

  4. It's a lovely print. I love bright florals, great for any room :)


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