Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Dream Home

My dream home is actually my grandparents place. They live on a large corner block in. It place has gotten really run down since my grandfather passed away. He was a dedicated gardener! None the less it has all the ingredients that I would love to have in a home one day.

A great view overlooking lovely coffee shops...perfect for the weekends.

A cucumber vine with character.

Loads of lovely garden space and concrete pathways. I used to roam these are a child and pick all sorts of flowers and herbs.

Hundreds of old buckets holding goodness knows what!

A mango tree...which I ADORE in summer. I used to climb this tree!

A chook pen and vegie patch which is begging to be returned to its former glory.

A clothes line! I used to swing on this as a kid!


  1. Oh thanks for sharing these pictures, brought back memories of my grandparents place with all different herbs and vegetables to pick fresh and eat there and then. I haven't climbed a tree in years..... sometimes the simple things are so much fun.

  2. Hi Michelle
    I can understand why you have fond memories of this home Michelle. The big backyards that were made with families in mind hardly exist today,everyone wants less of outside space and more inside which is such a shame as we don't hardly ever get the bags of fruit and homegrown veg handed around between neibours any more Oh they were the days.


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