Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scattered Art

There is a cute little shop called 'Scattered Art' at Cooparoo. It is across the road from my Grandmothers house so I get to visit it regularly. They offer art lessons for kids which always catches my eye around school holiday time! My 2 boys are into knitting at the moment. Yes, I know...boys and knitting as a strange combination. However, my mother in law knitted with them as very small children and they love it! Yesterday they were knitting in the back of our very bloky ute on the way home from purchasing new yarn from the shops! Wish I had a photo! Anyways, these tea cosies delighted my children! They are available for between $50 and $80 at 'Scattered Art'. I think the collection looks gorgeous in their window.



  1. What fun tea cosies! I think it's great that your biys know how to knit - Kaffe Fasset was taught how to knit by a lady on a bus and look how famous he is now!

  2. Michelle these are just gorgeous, I have a few tea cosies which I use all the time as I love them but none like these. I must look out for a pattern and have a go at knitting one. Hope your boys enjoy trying too. I am all for teaching boys or girls the craft. xx

  3. The teal coloured one with what looks like a rose on top is my fave xoxo


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