Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brighten my day!

Don't you just love blogging! I'm sitting at my computer (it's pouring rain outside) and POP...here comes the most delightful photo from Belle Masion. The beautiful yellow colours make up for the lack of sunshine outside. Loving the combination of the frilly tablecloth and the metal chairs!!! That tablecloth is something special.


  1. I love metal chairs, easy to restore, fun in any room indoors or out, that yellow colour is great, cheers Katherine

  2. I am in love with those chairs also!!

  3. I love love that tablecloth I must have a go at making one, well when all my other ufo's are finished that is. The yellow chairs are divine too xx

  4. Hi Jeanette, I am thinking the same thing. I might get some done up for the shop...I'll post a pic when they are done. I am dreaming up some colour combos now! Michelle


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