Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's at Divine Finds Today?

We had a bit of an overhaul at Divine Finds today. Our stock has been leaving the shop really quickly (thank you to all our customers who keep coming back for more!), but the down side is that the shop can look a little worse for wear sometimes! Our beautiful seagrass cane lounge, Bentwood rocking chair, trestle table, garden stand, adorable mirror and assorted chairs all left the shop today leaving it looking almost as bare as when we came in. Here are some pictures of what we managed to pull together by closing time.



  1. just lovely wish I could be there Michelle

  2. if you are ever in Australia you will have to give me a call!

  3. I love seeing things found in other countries... always exciting! My daughter in laws sister is in college in Australia...(they are from Cambodia)... stop in and see me sometime, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  4. Hey Jennifer, Nice to hear from you. My parents have been to Cambodia a few times. It certainly is an interesting country. Good to meet you. Michelle


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