Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Great Outdoors

I am falling in love with interesting outdoor designs at the moment. I was in the middle of decorating my 'back deck' when we started Divine Finds. As a result, nothing very exciting has happened and all my grand plans have amounted to very little. I am however highly tuned to ideas that might oneday make my back deck something special.

I loved this photo from Maison Boheme's blog today. The colour is really inspiring. It would look smashing with the turquoise walls my husband built and painted. Loving bench seats, metal chairs and cane as well...more photos that are inspiring soon.


  1. that is a lovely shape bookcase, I love the legs on it Michelle

  2. me too and I think the colour (in the right place!) sets it off so well. It is kind of a clash of styles that really works.


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