Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Introducing...Vintage by Lou Lou

Many of you have probably already heard of Vintage by Lou Lou, so this blog may be no new introduction. Lou always have a fabulous range of vintage finds and a really appreciation for the history of a piece - whether big or small. The girl behind the 'brand' is absolutely as lovely as her goods. I met Lou through her ebay store and was fortunate enough to purchase a number of pieces while I was initially setting up my store. I found a kindred spirit. Above are some of the photos off her recent blog featuring the Ipswich markets (a project I know she is passionate about). If you have a spare weekend it would definitely be worth a visit and you will always find Lou there with loads of goodies. Lou is currently working on a range of blue and white cushions and seat pads for my store. I am so looking forward to posting some pics of her handy work. If you haven't checked out her blog it is well worth a look!


  1. Thanks Michelle for the lovely words :)

  2. You genuinely deserve it. Email me pics of your artwork when you can. Michelle


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