Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All Things Run Way

With Fashion Week in full swing here in Australia, I feel bombarded with all things run way. There are some amazing creations out there and well, Alex Perry...he's the man! What an incredible event he put on. I can only imagine front row seats!

And now for a more local run way extravaganza....
Louisa from Vintage by Lou Lou is organising the most gorgeous charity event entitled Autumn Dreaming. I thought I'd post some details of her wonderful event and some of my favourite pictures which have inspired her. I totally love these frames that adorn the wall and think those green dresses are quite stunning.


  1. Thank you Michelle for the always much appreciated :)

    For anyone still interested in buying tickets they have up to Monday the 10th May....we would certainly love to have as many of the South East QLD fashionistas there xx

  2. Got for it Lou...It is going to be an awesome night. Wish I could manage to be there! Please please send me some pics. Michelle


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