Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trestles by the Sea

This trestle table would have looked so much better if I had of photographed it at the beach. I can imagine it standing grandly in the sand, being framed by a seascape of blue. Unfortunately the reality of the time pressured leaves it plonked amongst oodles of gorgeous things at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. I felt like I had to at least surround this post with the notion of 'by the sea' even if I couldn't quite expand on the idea! Thanks to Beach Vintage and Veranda House for these totally fun pictures.

I am really proud of our new range of tables being developed at the moment - office desks, children's work stations (hot pink and navy blue and red!), dining tables and display tables! Looking forward to posting more pics soon and thanks to my new followers.

Thank you to all my new blog followers. It is lovely to meet you all and I appreciate your comments so much.


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  1. That picture of that lady wow does she ever have a lot of jewelry on her.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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