Monday, May 31, 2010

Satisfied Shopper

I am always on the look out for fabric sales, especially when they are at designers businesses! The very thought of mounds of fabrics, once carefully chosen and now up for grabs sends my heart racing! Zac from Z Sewing Services is having a massive cleanout and there are still MANY great fabrics, laces and trims to purchase. Every piece has a story and Zac graciously spent a few hours with me sharing his collection from around the world. If you are a fashion designer 'of sorts' it would definitely be for you. Here is the some of what I purcahsed today...

A gorgeous beige and black trim. I'm using it to glamorise lampshades.

An assortment of silks.
This pieces of denim screams little girls quilt cover!

Embroided silk for cushions...

Well worth checking out....
Z Sewing Services
915 Brunswick St, New Farm
3358 2822


  1. Yes, I love the trim you found for the lampshade, Please be sure to post and let us see.


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