Thursday, May 6, 2010

Supporting the Next Generation

Youth Excel is a charity I founded almost 10 years ago! Oh my goodness time flysby!!! What started out as a simple endeavour to help teenagers transition to adulthood, has become a life changing journey. As a teacher by "trade" it has provided an avenue to make a difference in so many kids lives. Thank you to Ansvar Insurance and Dare Gallery whose ongoing sponsorship makes my job so much easier.

Today I spent the day with a group of graduating students who were participating in their makeover day. They are gorgeous, amazing, sensational girls who I hope really enjoy seeing their photos posted here! Thanks to the Napoleon makeup artists and volunteers who gave of their time to make this experience a great success. I had a great time!


  1. What a special person you are. Keep up the good work, the young people of that age need support so much and the young people in the pics look so happy xx

  2. They did totally love it. I have about 100 photos of them! Michelle

  3. Michelle, that is just awesome!! As a Mum of a teenager and as a future teacher, I am so inspired by you! What a fabulous job you are doing to support these young girls at such a tricky transition time in their lives. The girls look gorgeous, in every sense of the word!!! Well done to you! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday Michelle ~ Tina xx


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