Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hiliary Thomas has to be the most beautiful designer I know. I SOOO want to be this clever! Check out those lamps...the cushions....that green lounge!!! When Shelter posted a pic of her work this morning I just had to revisit her website to be inspired all over again. I think these photos are totally amazing. I personally love to work with green and pink, so these colour schemes are just up my alley. And doesn't she use colour so well!


  1. Hi Michelle. I love the lamp and cushion in that last pic - gorgeous! I just wanted to pop by and say hello and thanks for your lovely comment. I am so happy that you did because now I have found your gorgeous blog. Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina

  2. Thank you Tina. What I adore most about you is your attention to each of your followers. You are a real treasure and who knows...I may get to meet you one day. Michelle


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